I have been trying in the past few months to improve my CW. My last post on CW Academy Level 1 course was towards that aim.

I would like to summarize options, pages and other tips available for anyone to improve their CW. I will update this page as I gather more info.

  • SCPhilips CWOps Trainer: One of the must use web based tool to improve CW.
  • IZ2UUF Android App. I like to use Farnsworth method after seeing the results in the CWOps course.
  • Claus' morse trainer app: another Android app which is also Free Software with source code available in github.
  • LCWO Word Training: Pretty amazing web based morse app that adapts its speed based on the correctness of the words one enter.
  • ARRL Code Practice files: ARRL's station W1AW sends code specifically for code practice on HF bands. Those of us who are not in the US can use these files to decode CW.

After learning letters, digits and punctuation, what I am doing is to take the top 1000 words in English and using that file as an input to the Claus' Morse app. It should also be possible to pick random words from this list and feed it into the cw program on Unix systems.

Another tip that I learned from CWOps class is to use paper and pen/pencil to copy only the Call signs and never for anything else. Why callsigns then? Because one has to log the callsigns anyway.

For sending, I use my uBitx's side tone generator with my Bencher BY-1 paddle. I modified ubitx to have a mode where one can practice sending. I don't practice sending enough..

With a concerted effort of a few months, it should be possible to improve one's CW to more than 10 WPM in a few weeks of time.