I attended the exam to upgrade my license from restricted grade to general grade yesterday (28/March/2022). Part A (Electronics) was exempted since I have a degree in electronics. Part B is rules and regulations.

A few questions asked were:

  • The callsign of the station that transmits time signals (ATA) in India (it is defunct now)
  • Who in India transmits time signals (National Physical Laboratory, again it is not being transmitted since 2000)
  • Q codes for "who is calling me" (QRZ), "what is the readability of my signal?" (QRK)..
  • Log entries to be kept in IST.
  • logs to be preserved for how long (1 year)
  • what is not essential to be logged? (RST?)
  • the suffix for a mobile station (/MO)
  • Frequency ranges for CB radio.. (27.xxx? they had given 3 ranges that overlap with the 27mhz band)
  • 15m band range (21.000 to 21.450MHz)
  • metric waves? (VHF? I wrote HF!)
  • phonetic for seven (Sette Seven?)
  • signals in decreasing order of priority (Distress, Urgency, Security, Test)
  • what is the signal with emission C3F indicate? (Vestigian side band analog?)
  • What does the second symbol of the emission designator indicate? (nature of modulating signal?)
  • 200HJ3E indicate which frequency? (200H => 200 hz, 0.2Khz)
  • What is the Q code for "I have nothing for you" (QRU)
  • What does QRO indicate (increase power)
  • What is the abbreviation for C (Correct or Yes?)

I will update this page when I remember more questions.. I hope I would get the 50% needed to pass.

After the written exam, there was a morse code sending and receiving test, at a whopping 8WPM!! It was painfully slow, but I managed to send and receive without errors.