It is sad to see that most of ham radio software from amateurs as well as from companies run only on Windows. I can certainly understand the appeal to make it run on world's most popular operating system. given the difficultly in making portable graphical user interfaces.

However, I think there is a better way - using web browsers.

A possible architecture for software would be to have a program that does all the heavy lifting and logic and possibly hardware interfacing and then also run a web server on a non-standard port number. When the program is run, it is a wrapper script that would run, which would invoke this program, run it in background and also open the browser and point it to http://localhost:port. The code that runs in the browser written in JavaScript can do the UI in a platform independent way. For amateur radio purposes, it would need plotting facilities, waterfall spectrum plots etc and there are JavaScript libraries available for all of these. For simple drawing, I like p5.js.

So, this is my proposal. I am attempting to do something along these lines and I will report back the results on this blog.