Just a quick post to report some success with a recent implementation of an Iambic Keyer on a Raspberry Pico. The code is an adaptation of Steven Eliot's (K1EL) arduino based keyer.

My implementation is at github.com/vu3rdd/picokeyer.

I have omitted Iambic B for now, but I will put it in at some point. Since I use Iambic A and I made it for my use, I haven't bothered to add it. The output is generated via PWM pin.

I like this code because it is based on finite state machine and gives some really precise way to generate CW instead of resorting to other ad-hoc techniques. In fact before I saw this code, I had my own state machine sketched out on my notebook which was more or less similar except a few nice changes from Steve.

This code will eventually get integrated into the Radioberry Controller code, but the standalone project will also exist. Give it a try and see how it performs and let me know the results.