Deepu, VU3TLD visited my shack yesterday. He carried his RSP1 SDR, his laptop, a raspberry pi 3 and a touch screen that goes with it. We had a lot of fun with these stuff..

Deepu helped me tune his SDR at 10 MHz so that I can calibrate my uBitx transmitter. We did that by connecting my transmitter to a dummy load and leaving the rsp1 cable nearby which picked up the carrier at 10MHz. Once that was out of the way, we played with his raspberry Pi/RSP1 setup. We tried unsuccessfully to use quisk on the Pi with rsp1 by compiling soapysdr etc. That didn't work out though we were pretty close but ran out of time.

We also analyzed my dipole with Deepu's analyzer and found that my 40m antenna is not tuned at 7.1MHz. Instead it is tuned to 6.6Mhz. I will have to trim about 2.5 feet of wires from either sides.