My name is Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan. This is my ham radio activity log of sorts. My ham radio callsign is VU2JXN (it was VU3RDD until recently and hence the domain name!) and I live in Bangalore, India. You can contact me at

Here are the last 5 posts to my weblog:

50db sampler
Posted Sat Dec 23 18:14:18 2023
Bench updates
Posted Thu Nov 16 19:04:33 2023
Norcal 40a: Waiting for components
Posted Wed Jun 28 16:53:40 2023
Norcal 40a: Phase 3 (AGC)
Posted Thu Jun 22 21:08:46 2023
Feeltech signal generator
Posted Tue Jun 20 11:28:50 2023