Been silent for the past few months. Have been busy at work. But the bench has been active. A couple of months back I found out that the 10m output from my radioberry based transceiver is too low (~10W). The amp (MRF101 based) can easily deliver 100W on 10m. Upon closer inspection, I found that the LPF (homebrew) was absorbing all the power form the amplifier. The LPF cutoff was a bit too early and was going steep in the 10m band. Same filter also works when the rig is in 15/12m and it worked fine there.

The filter was redesigned with the excellent Elsie software and old components were removed and replaced with new values. Everything is fine now. I get about 60W. I think the reduction is probably because the radioberry itself has a slightly reduced power output on 10m (just a couple of dbm). I have an attenuator going into the input of a pre-amplifier and that may have reduced the power by additional 3db. I haven't bothered to correct it. 60W is definitely "good enough" for me at the moment.