I recently finished the Level 2 course and as it was with my Level 1 experience, it was awesome!

Bill W3PNM was our advisor. We were initially five students, with one student dropping out midway. I learned a lot from the teacher as well as the students. I am a lot more confident decoding and sending at higher speeds of CW now. I am not yet at above 20 WPM speeds that one hears in contests yet. Hope to reach there with Level 3.

I missed one class out of the 16 classes as I was on a work trip and had to leave to the airport exactly at the time the classes were scheduled. I also carried my Bencher BY1 keyer everywhere I went during the 2 months of the course, along with a keyer that I borrowed from Bejoy VU3BOJ.

The class emphasized practice as with level 1. We were asked to practice sending as well as receiving. I practiced receiving with Morse Runner program (Unfortunately, it is a Windows-only program) and with RufzXP, also unfortunately Windows only. There is an equivalent of RufzXP called qrq. It works on GNU/Linux as well as on a MacOS system. Even though the classes are over, I am still practicing with RufzXP and qrq. I also use the IZ2UUF Android app on my phone and listen to random words from the top 100 word list at 25 WPM. Hopefully after a prolonged practice, I would be able to recognize words. I can already recognize a lot of common CW words.

Looking forward to Level 3 classes in January.